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You find the configuration window in the Admin Console flag by pressing the Configuration button. In this window you register all information needed for Xadd to work and to connect to the database.


Once you have all the information in place press the Test Connection button. If your connection works press Save Connection.


Models and Groups

In The Model and Groups under Admin Console you can explore which Models belong to which Model Groups. here you can also add, modify and delete Model Groups.



To register, add or modify users press Users under Admin Console flag. In this window you can update a users access for various Model Groups and models.


Major Versions

Under Admin Console flag press Major Versions to explore all Major Versions of each Model Group. Here you can create a new Major Version for the model group, and delete or modify old ones.


The Major Version system works as a version control for the Model Group. Within each Major Version are
a number of Minor Versions that get generated each time a user makes changes to the data in the Model Group. In Xadd you can go back to previous minor versions and work with that specific data. Once you save that data to the database a new Minor Version within that Major Version gets created.


Once a new Major Version is generated in a Model Group the previous Major Version will alter to read only, and all new minor version will be created on the new Major Version.

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