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To check the connection properties press the Config button. A window will appear that shows which server and database you are being connected to. If you want data to be loaded to the document as soon as you are logged in please check in the box "Get data after Login".

If you want to get data after each time you save data please check in the box "Get data after Save"



To connect to the database press the Login button and enter your Username and Password in the popup window. Once are logged in buttons and dropdowns in the bar will get activated.


Load data to document

To get data to document press the Get button. If you have checked the "Get data after Login" in the configuration window data will automatically be loaded once you are logged in. 


Clear workbook

The Clear workbook button clears the data from the document. To get the data back into the document simply press the Get button again.


Saving data and changes

To save changes to the database press the Save button. Once you have made changes and saved to the database a new Minor is generated  and appears at the top of the Minor dropdown menu.



The Minor dropdown works as a version control for the data. Every time you make changes and save them (pressing the save button) a new minor id is generated. 


You can go back in minor versions and work with that specific data: for example choose minor version nr. 99 and push the Get button to fetch that data. If you now save on top of this you will be prompted to accept that you want to save although the segment has a higher minor version. If you press "yes" a new number (in this case 103) will be generated based on minor version number 99.

Go to Properties (see next point) to check what minor version nr. the new minor nr. is based on.



The Properties button will present a window with which Model and Segment is in use, which major and minor version you are working with, and which minor version that specific minor is based on.

Here you can also see which user saved that specific minor version.



The Refresh button gets the latest data from the database.



In the Language dropdown you can change between English and Icelandic.



"About Template" button presents a window with information about which version of template you are using. If your template version is older than the database version you must update the template. 

"About Ribbon" button presents information on which version of Ribbon you are using.

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